The emphasis of designing VR Aquarium is to create a relaxing atmosphere filled with astonishing virtual images for everyone in the family to enjoy. We provide you the virtual aquarium for you to set up, design, decorate and even allow you to choose your own occupants from a variety of more than forty-eight species.

My Aquarium
This is where you can relax yourself by watching the fishes swim through the seaweeds and anemones. You can move the cursor to the edges of the screen to rotate the point of view. You can even zoom in and out by pressing the [PageUp] and [PageDown] key respectively.

Marine Pet Shop
You can always go to the Marine Pet Shop to purchase new fish, or sell your fish back to the store. All your new pets purchased from the shop start off as fries. They can grow up to three times their usual fry size.

Feed Your Fish
These are not normal foods for they will create special effects on the fish. They are both entertaining for both you and the fishes. However, some of them may dislike the pizza after a few bites. Perhaps, increasing their intimacy level by tickling them with finger cursor will gain back their interest in pizza. Try it out, but pizza is not their primary food and hence does not feed them well. If you have taken good care of your fishes, they may begin to breed as soon as they reach maturity.

Decorate Aquarium
Your aquarium is like a novelty stage, providing suitable acting quarters for your fishes. However, you may wish to decorate it up a bit to entertain both you and your fishes. You can always come here to construct a new tank, or to modify old tanks.

Tropical Fish Encyclopedia records information on one hundred and three different species to help you learn about your fishes.

Intel or AMD 233MHz or faster processor
At least 64MB of system memory
Video Adapter
3D accelerator with 8MB video ram or more ( video driver must support for Microsoft DirectX 7.0 or higher )
Audio Board
DirectSound compatible 16-bit sound card
Hard Disk
Minimum of 180MB hard disk space available
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP
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