This application presents a lively and immersive view of the inhabitants of the blue coral reef ¡V clownfish and sea anemones interacting realistically with each other via ecological simulation software. This software creates astonishingly lifelike virtual sea anemones and clownfish. These coral reef inhabitants are set against the most realistic virtual tropical fish aquarium in the world to bring a perfect image to your computer screen.


The beautiful and vivid clownfish swims through anemone tentacles under a bright, clear ocean that ripples with sunlight coming down from above. The clownfish's behavior and actions look so real in the DigiFish-Clownfish's virtual aquarium.
The tentacles of the sea anemones move naturally with the flow of the sea. Tropical coral reef fish swim languidly to and fro, sometimes darting through the anemone tentacles, which move aside as the fish pass.


Play some easy-listening music, make yourself comfortable, relax and enjoy the spectacular DigiFish Clownfish ocean aquarium, and you will be immersed totally in a dream of the sea.


The beautiful, highly-colored and humming clownfish is always present in tropical waters. Apart from the vivid natural swimming posture, you can also observe the clownfis's breeding behaviors near sea anemones; it sometimes stays still, eats, or even swims backwards. The clownfish usually swims around in a good mood, but it becomes moody when its space becomes too crowded.


The software displays breeding, sea anemones and ecological interactions. The delicate coral reef aquarium background is designed with up to 10 characteristic breeding species with their own unique charm and transforms this virtual tropical fish aquarium into a vigorous and bright charming water park.




The software includes a number of real-world sea anemones, with the most realistic physics simulation of tentacle movement to display their natural actions. It's only virtual life, but it looks so realistic!


Vivid clownfish have never been seen so clearly: progress in fish modeling and biomechanics has made the DigiFish ¡V Clownfish incredibly lifelike. You can also use the ¡iZoom In & Out¡j function to have a closer look at the interaction between the clownfish and the anemone.

  ¡@¡@The new automatic feeding function, which can also be set for predetermined times.

¡@¡@6 Groups of aquarium light and background color for user to choose from.

¡@¡@Five different color versions of the interface surface for the user to choose from.

¡@¡@The user may mix different types of tropical marine fish to create their own breeding aquarium.


  ¡@¡@Up to 15 species of clownfish with an additional 10 species of tropical fish, so the user can have a total of 25 marine species fish to choose from.  

Clown anemonefish

Tomato Clownfish
Seychelles anemonefish
Wide-Band anemonefish
Pink anemonefish
Sebae anemonefish
Thielle's anemonefish
Spinecheek anemonefish
Fire clownfish

Yellow clownfish

Orangefin anemonefish
Whitebonnet anemonefish
Whitesnout anemonefish
Longnose butterflyfish
Moorish Idol

Royal gramma

Yellow tang

Ornate angelfish
Bicolour parrotfish


Blueblotch butterflyfish



  ¡@¡@5 species of fully-3D generated sea anemone with a distinctive appearance in a beautiful coral reef background scene.  
Bulb Anemone
Delicate sea anemone
Sebae Anemone
Magnificent sea anemone
Long Tentacle
  ¡@¡@Support for Windows mode and full-screen mode (screen saver mode)

¡@¡@Widescreen Display: Supports the traditional 4:3 display and the popular 16:9/16:10 widescreen displays.




¡@¡@Hardware System Requirements


¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@CPU¡GIntel or AMD 500MHz or faster processor
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@RAM¡GAt least 256MB of system memory
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@3D Accelerator¡GSupports DirectX 9.0, with 32MB Video RAM or more. (Recommended with 64MB Video RAM or more.)
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@3D Accelerator drivers must also be appropriate for the operating system and the DirectX version
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@16-bit Sound Device¡GDirectSound compatible 16-bit sound card
¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@Hard Disk Space¡G10 MB or higher

¡@¡@ ¡@

¡@¡@Software Platform Requirements

¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@Microsoft Windows 98/Me / 2000 / XP/VISTA Operating System. Microsoft DirectX 9.0c or better..