Clear and whirling shadows of water, gently dancing in the green waterweeds, active fish are swimming pleasantly and contentedly in the beautiful microcosm where troubles are forgotten. Embracing the gorgeous scene in the fishbowl, we can easily be attracted to it and forget all of reality¡¦s worries.

The charm of the fish and waterweeds together is ineffable. The fighting fish is probably the species with the sharpest character, the most active and charming among all of the fish we see in daily life. With a brilliant appearance and tough character, the fighting fish can always bring you satisfaction and happiness beyond imagination.

The BettaBetta is a brand new recreational videogame for you to raise the beautiful and vivid fighting fish just in the computer. In the beautiful virtual mini fishbowl, you can take good care your fighting fish, give it harsh training and even fight with it. The delicate mini fishbowl, the gorgeous fighting fish, the fun interaction, the exciting fight... The rich contents and vivid and delicate visual joy of BettaBetta awaits.
The BettaBetta is a window-based videogame, which will not interfere with the operation of other applications. Whether you are surfing the Internet for fun or working attentively at the computer, the lovely and cute fighting fish is always beside you so that you can relax after using the computer.

Feedings and cleaning the water are the required tasks in raising a fighting fish. Besides the intimate caressing, you can punish it with the hammer. Your fighting fish will have a different character according to the manner of upbringing. It can be quiet and shy and look elegant; it can also be naughty and playful chasing after the cursor. A difficult fighting fish often shuts itself up. Besides being strong and self ill, an excellent fighting fish dances at appropriate times.


In addition to fighting with the computer in a game, you can export the file of your fish and fight with others on other computers. After accumulating adequate combat experience, the combat and defensive power of your fighting fish can increase.


Hardware System Requirements

      CPU¡GIntel or AMD 200MHz or faster processor  
RAM¡G 32MB  
Video Card¡GSupports DirectX 7.0, with 8MB Video RAM or more.  
Audio Card ¡GDirectSound compatible 16-bit sound card  
Hard Disk Space¡G50 MB or higher  
    Software Platform Requirements  
      Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP Operating System