Q : What is the system requirement?
A :Digifish SoccerFish requires
ĦEJ2ME platform with Mobile 3D Graphics API (JSR-184)
ĦEThe heap size of the Java virtual machine should be greater than 800KB.
ĦEThe system should support JAR size up to 650KB at least.
ĦEThe recommended resolution of the screen is 320x240, or 208x176 at least.
ĦEDirection and function keys at least, additional number pad is recommended

Ps: If you are not sure that your device can meet the minimum requirement or not,

we highly recommend you to try out the free demo first.

QĦGHow to install SoccerFish?


ĦDExecute SoccerFish.exe ON YOUR PC to extract the two files, SoccerFish.jar and SoccerFish.jad.

ĦDSelect SoccerFish.jar and install SoccerFish to your mobile device by cable, infrared or bluetooth with the software provided by Ħ@your device manufacturer.

ĦDIf you don't have any relative media or software, try to transfer SoccerFish.jar and SoccerFish.jad to your device by some Ħ@memory card and then install.

Q : What kind of mobile phone can execute this product?

A : Besides the list in our web, the followings are some other mobile phones that are possibly able to run our SoccerFish.

8800 ArteĦA5310 XpressMusicĦA5610 XpressMusicĦA5700 XpressMusicĦA7500 PrismĦA7900 PrismĦA6110 NavigatorĦA6120 classicĦA6121 classicĦA6126ĦA6131 NFCĦA6133ĦA6234ĦA6267ĦA6288ĦA6290ĦA6301ĦA6500 classicĦA6500 slideĦA6555ĦA7373ĦA8600 LunaĦAE50ĦAE51ĦAE60ĦAE65ĦAE70ĦAN75ĦAN76ĦAN77ĦAN80ĦAN81ĦAN82ĦAN92ĦAN93ĦAN95